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QuietGrip - Anti-Vibration Feet Pads

QuietGrip - Anti-Vibration Feet Pads

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Say goodbye to noisy appliances and wobbly furniture with our QuietGrip Anti-Vibration Feet Pads. Specifically designed to reduce vibrations and minimize noise, these durable pads provide essential support for your washing machine, dryer, or any other household appliance. Crafted from a combination of rubber and TPU materials, they offer superior grip and stability on any surface, keeping your appliances securely in place.

Installation is a breeze – simply place the supporting feet of your appliance or furniture onto the pads, and you're all set. With their innovative design, these pads can absorb up to 94.7% of vibrations on flat surfaces, ensuring a quieter and more comfortable environment for you and your neighbors.

Not only do these pads minimize noise, but they also elevate your appliances and furniture by a few centimeters, making cleaning underneath them a breeze. This added height helps prevent moisture buildup and mildew, keeping your home cleaner and healthier.

The Type A pad features a sunken depth of approximately 0.5cm, with an actual height of about 3.5cm, making it suitable for appliances and furniture with a foot diameter of less than 4.7cm.

Upgrade your home with QuietGrip Anti-Vibration Feet Pads and enjoy peace and quiet with every load of laundry or rearrangement of furniture.

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